JPR-CT1800R JMP Marine Caterpillar C18 Replacement Engine Cooling Pump

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  • JMP Caterpillar Replacement Engine Cooling Raw Water Pump #JPR-CT1800R
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Product Information:

Uses JMP Marine Impeller p/n
8359-01 (search 8359-01K)
Flange Port Size (Outside Diameter)
3 3/4" (3.75")
Port Size Inside Diameter (actual opening diameter) approx 2.39"
Drive Gear
40 Teeth
Pump Weight (approx) 47.00 LBS (21.35 KG)
Replaces Genuine Caterpillar Sea Water Pump p/n(s)
Caterpillar 3754703, 1318272 (131-8272), 1968895 (196-8895)
Replaces Sherwood Pump p/n(s)
G2902X, G2902-01, G18082X
Note: G2902X replaced G2902-01
Note: G2902X replaced G18082X*
For Caterpillar Engine Model(s)
C18 Series
End Cover Screw Qty 5
Uses JMP Marine Cam Liner Set p/n CAMSET0032
Internally Compatible to Genuine YES
Major Service Kit (All Internal Parts)
*Sold Separately
JSK0139 (cannot use to service G18082X)*
Minor Service Kit
*Sold Separately
JSM0139 (cannot use to service G18082X)*

G18082X uses Sherwood Impeller 18000 (#8350-01K) having a spline drive with 14 splines. The G2902X uses Sherwood impeller 29000 (#8359-01K) having a spline drive with 10 splines. You can use complete pump assembly JPR-CT1800R to replace G18082X but as you can see you cannot use the internal parts (JSK0139, JSM0139) of this replacement pump to service the older pump version of G18082X.

*The parts of kit JSK0139 and JSM0139 can be used to service pump(s) JPR-CT1800R and Sherwood models G2902X and G2906X. Both Sherwood models use the same internal parts and so Major Kit #JSK0139 and Minor Kit #JSM0139 can be used for both pump models; however the drive gears (not part of the minor or major kit) are not the same . . . it's important to note that the G2902(X), which is JMP Marine pump #JPR-CT1800R, uses drive gear p/n 22789 (has 40 teeth) while G2906X uses drive gear p/n 25191 (has 36 teeth) and is why you cannot use the complete pump assembly JPR-CT1800R as a direct replacement for G2906X. To use pump JPR-CT1800R to replace G2906X you would have to remove the drive gear on the pump and install your existing drive gear from your G2906X having 36 teeth.


  • 100% Compatible Plug & Play Replacement
  • Long Life Mechanical Seal
  • Heavy Duty Marine Grade Casting
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Bronze Alloy Cam Liner
  • Marine Grade Shaft (3X Series Non-Magnetic)
  • High-Performance Impeller
  • High Volume Flow Capacity
  • Fast Flow Velocity

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JPR-CT1800R JMP Marine Caterpillar C18 Replacement Engine Cooling Pump

Regular price $2,576.45